Transactions not shown and event details shown are incorrect


I have configured Epirus Azure Blockchain service Explorer by connecting to Blockchain transaction node.

All the transaction details are shown in dashboard but we are getting below issues:

  1. Transaction page fails with error ‘An error occurred in client’.
  2. Tried capturing the events to verify the event parameters generated but all the events have the same set of parameters and the parameters are empty

Kindly assist further.

Hi Keerti,

Following our initial call, we’ve been unable to reproduce the issue on our end. Our standard procedure at the moment in this situation is the gain access to the machine running Epirus so that we can view logs and understand the root cause of the problem, and then fix it. If possible, we should either find some way to extract the Epirus logs from the VM, or more optimally get access to the VM itself over SSH. Please do let us know (privately) which of these it would be best to pursue in this case.


We have published a fix for this issue. Please try redeploying Epirus.