Smart contract RESTful API generator

We are in the process of building a smart contract RESTful API generator that complies with JAX-RS and OpenAPI annotations. This will make it super easy to spin up a server that will use Web3j to manage and interact with contracts. The idea is that the generator will create a server for you - most likely Jetty - or you can just generate the interfaces that can be used by your existing infrastructure, assuming it can consume the JAX-RS spec.

The goal of this tool is to abstract the blockchain layer completely from other services making easier to build and reason about complex systems.

Does anyone have any thoughts around this project? It would be very cool to hear!

Stay safe and keep BUIDLing!


I’ve thought an approach yo implement Restful API in Smart Contract by using Spring Boot, Rest and Reactive Programming Approach. Will it be efficient?

Yes - using spring boot is an option, but we decided against it because it locks you into using the spring framework which is notoriously resources intensive. Our approach is more flexible in the sense that you can use our Jetty server out of the box or if you have your own server running somewhere you can just use the JAX-RS annotated interfaces and register a container into your server.

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Okay Sir I got it, I really want to contribute in this project, can I contribute into that?