How do I create a second wallet for testing?


I’d like to test transferring a token from one wallet to another. I’ve already created one account and it has a wallet. When I login to and click on My Wallets on the left, it’s there.

So now I tried:

  1. Going to to create a second account
  2. Verified the account
  3. On my local machine,
    epirus logout epirus login

entered the new account email and password

$ epirus wallet create

I got a JSON file in ~/Library/Ethereum/testnet/keystore

This is the only JSON file in that.

When I log back into the new account on, there is no wallet there.

Hi @Si_Chen
Thanks for letting us of this.

I will be looking at it and come back to you later.

Hello again,

If you want to change the default wallet used, you can do so by changing it in the .config file under ~/.epirus.
Or, you can easily set the wallet to be used when running a specific command.

For the portal, the wallet will appear there once you will start using it to deploy contracts for example.