`epirus wallet create` creates two json files. Which one is the good one?

Running epirus wallet create creates two “Keystore File (UTC/JSON)” files.
Why? Which one is the good one?
And why the second one is in a directory called “testnet”?
Can I use it on mainnet?


$ epirus wallet create
Default wallet was created successfully /Users/david/.epirus/keystore/UTC--2020-08-09T14-37-13.453492000Z--835d6cdfc6b1bcb5d786ff51c5907f12b7046572.json
Please enter a wallet file password: 
Please re-enter the password: 
Please enter a destination directory location [/Users/david/Library/Ethereum/testnet/keystore]: 
Creating directory: /Users/david/Library/Ethereum/testnet/keystore ...complete
Wallet file UTC--2020-08-09T14-37-53.327692000Z--23775c407bc69ee898a74a0d544365eb038499b0.json successfully created in: /Users/david/Library/Ethereum/testnet/keystore

Hi David, apologies for the delay - this message was incorrectly marked as spam.

Regarding your query - Epirus creates a default wallet for users in the directory ~/.epirus/keystore/ if one does not exist when it is first invoked - i.e. you shouldn’t have to create one manually.

The command epirus wallet create is for creating additional wallets. It’s a historical reason why its in this location as that was where the web3j CLI used to create them. This is something we clearly should fix to prevent further confusion.

Thanks conor for the reply.

I need to create a wallet (a “Keystore File (UTC/JSON)” file) for mainnet.

What is the proper way for creating it?

I try as follows, on a clean install:

$ curl -L get.epirus.io | sh && source ~/.epirus/source.sh
$ source $HOME/.epirus/source.sh
$ epirus
$ find ~/.epirus/keystore/

So, this creates a wallet without a file password?
Isn’t that insecure?
How to set a file password?


Hi David, for mainnet, please use epirus wallet create - you can use a secure password when you are prompted for this, then store the created JSON walletfile where ever you want.

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