Epirus-CLI v1.4.0 released

Along our latest release of Web3j v4.8.0, we also worked on updating the functionality in the Epirus-CLI and added new features.

We’ve added ERC20 and ERC777 support to the Epirus CLI!
The new commands epirus openapi new helloworld|erc20|erc777 and
epirus new helloworld|erc20|erc777 will create a new project using the latest Solidity support for external packages.
The contracts used are based on the OpenZeppelin implementations.

We use now Web3j OpenAPI Gradle Plugin in generated projects
This allowed us to remove boilerplate and leave only Solidity code.
Also, this improved the epirus openapi generate and epirus openapi jar commands to accept Solidity smart contracts instead of compiled Abis and Bins.

Performance has been drastically improved in epirus openapi new/import commands after some bugfixes

Big thanks to the team who made this happen :fireworks:

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