Calling a function to store a 2d array

Hello everybody,

I have this solidity function

    uint16[][] private values;

    function setPole(uint16[][] memory _vyber) public {
        values = _vyber;

I create a contract java file using web3j-cli


web3j generate solidity -a SimpleStorage2.abi -b SimpleStorage2.bin -p com.project -o ./

inside contract java file, I have generated code:

   public RemoteFunctionCall<TransactionReceipt> setPole(List<List<BigInteger>> _vyber) {
        final Function function = new Function(
                Arrays.<Type>asList(new org.web3j.abi.datatypes.DynamicArray<org.web3j.abi.datatypes.DynamicArray>(
                        org.web3j.abi.Utils.typeMap(_vyber, org.web3j.abi.datatypes.DynamicArray.class,
        return executeRemoteCallTransaction(function);

but when I tries to call it using (creating array first)

   BigInteger pa[][] = new BigInteger[2][3];
            pa[0][0]= BigInteger.valueOf(1);
            pa[0][1]= BigInteger.valueOf(3);
            pa[0][2]= BigInteger.valueOf(5);
            pa[1][0]= BigInteger.valueOf(2);
            pa[1][1]= BigInteger.valueOf(4);
            pa[1][2]= BigInteger.valueOf(6);

            List<List<BigInteger>> list =

String r = p.setPole(list).send().toString(); 

I get an error from my geth server.

Please, how I properly generate java contract file with 2d array and create List of List to insert there data.

thank you very much for any help.

btw.: in remix, I can insert this without the problem (example)